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How To Start Boxing • Full Boxing Tutorial • Best Way to Train Boxing • All About Boxing

how to learn boxing - Becoming a boxer can be a challenging decision as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication along with proper practice and for this it is also necessary to take the guidance of the right trainer. In such a situation, if you are really ready to become a boxer, then this post is for you, in which today we are going to talk about some special skills related to becoming a boxer. do it

What Should do to become a Boxer ?

Although you will have to take trainer help with gym, but if you want to practice while staying at home in the beginning, then first of all you have to strengthen your hands and for this you focus on your punching technique and this During this keep in mind these things that during practice lead with your elbow. Boxing sikhne ke best types

That is, practice thinking that you are throwing at your opponent with your elbow and not your chest and do not move your body unnecessarily, leave your hands loose at the time when you are not punching them titly Don't try to hold on because doing so will tire you out quickly. How to learn boxing.

Use Punching Bag ?

For boxing, you have to make your hands strong and for this you have to continuously punch the punching bag. Habit has to be developed to punch more firmly in the same speed. This practice will improve the stamina and coordination of your hands. Keep hitting the heavy bag because a hanging bag used for punch training can make you a good boxer.

Hit the Heavy Bag ?

For this, you have to hit it for three to 5 minutes and during this time your every punch should be like you are punching in the fight, for this you have to practice imagining the real fight while moving continuously. To increase the stamina of your hands, you punch the heavy bag continuously for 3 seconds, at this time your focus should be on speed and not on power, after 30 seconds you take 20 seconds rest and then repeat it four to five times.

Lag has to be Made Strong ?

Along with making the hands strong, strengthening the legs is also very important for boxing. That's why do interval training two to three times a week, which includes high energy quick strides and start best periods. Jumping daily is also a very good boxing workout. In which the hand gets strength and coordination is improved. That is why you should spend 15 minutes jumping rope in every workout. During this, also practice rope jumping in different ways.

Must have Skills to Move Easily and Quickly ?

Take the help of Ladder and Quikd Practice standing on your feet. The ball sole is nourished by the foot, which is under the toes, this position makes moving and shifting very easy, at the same time your SpiceJet state should be maintained.

Therefore, do not keep your waist bent, this practice will help you to do smooth movements, during this time relax your upper body, apart from fitting the hands and lugs, you will need to do a lot more for boxing such as strength to the arms and banks. For this, do pullups and chinpas, at this time focus your attention on slow motion

Have to Take Proper Diet

It is very important to include protein in your healthy diet and keep in mind that junk food should not be in your diet. Your diet should be all these such as :- eggs and fish, as well as good unsaturated fat which is found in avocados and nuts apart from fish, should also be included in your diet in addition to complex carbohydrates For example, take whole wheat and inova, also remember to take the appropriate quantity of drinking water every day.

How to do Boxing ?

During the practice of boxing, you should also do shadow boxing, in which you can fight while fighting in the ring as if there is a real fight in it, while there is no opponent in it, by doing this you can take training of the fight while in the ring, at this time you have to keep moving your legs. Panchayat and Blocking have to be netted separately and you will have to be alert and focused in the ring all the time, with this practice you will start getting ready for real fight.

Practice with Boxer Partner

It is also important to apply practice and give finish, for this after shadow boxing, you will have to practice boxer with one of your boxing partner because there is a lot of difference between fighting in the ring with the opponent and fighting with a heavy bag. You also learn his skills from your apprentice and keep solving the problems that come in this practice every time.

Don't practice with one patner every time, but practice fight with different partners so that you can learn more and more Learning from Great Boxer Fights Along with training yourself to be a boxer, you will have to fight the Great Boxer. You will also have to consider it as an important part of your training and watch every move of the bar fight carefully so that you can have the best moves during the real fight.

Friends Now you must have known what kind of workout and training is required to learn boxing. In this post, we have given important information related to boxing. But before starting to learn boxing, you must take Guidance of the right trainer because every sports man's stamina and capacity is different, that's why the guidance of the trainer is also different for everyone, so we hope that Friends, this post related to learning boxing will be able to help you and you must have liked it too. Thanks!